Hajj Packages

Dear Hajee

Our packages have been prepared with precision and choices bearing in mind that no Hajji should move too early to Aziziah. That is the reason that all our packages move either from 25 Zil-Qadah, 01 Zil-Haj, 4th Zil-Haj or No Moving as this accords you additional time for Tawwafs and your Ibaadah in Al Haram.

Also note, the greatest rewards are for those Hujjaj who spend all 5 days in Mashaer. Do not loose the gist of Hajj and spend the latter 2 days of Mashaer in Aziziah. The essence of your hard earnings is the 5 / 6 days of Tashreeq. Not the prior days spent in Medina and Makkah.

May Allah Ta’alaa accept your Haj and Sa’ee, In-sha-Allah.

Muallima Nuri and the Nuris Travel Team

Adults (12+):
Children (2-11):
Infants (0-2):